Meet team – Suhaib Alvi

Suhaib Alvi

Suhaib is a passionate and self-taught wildlife photographer, experienced safari tour leader and a private guide. He was born and raised in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

His love for wildlife and photography started from a very young age when he and his family would visit National Parks and conservancies all over Kenya. Wildlife became more of a passion for him after he could legally drive and started visiting Nairobi National Park on his own.

Suhaib has visited and/or taken guests to almost every safari destination in Kenya but his favorite parks are the Masai Mara and Nairobi National Park (where he goes every weekend). He loves spending time in these parks with his favorite animals, the (male) lions.

Although he loves the Masai Mara, Nairobi national Park is especially close to his heart. Facing recent encroachments into the park that threaten the park’s very existence, Suhaib looked for a solution. By combining his experience as a guide, his understanding of tourism and his passion for wildlife to support the conservation initiatives for Nairobi National park, “Save Our Pride” was born. A nonprofit organisation that provides vital funding for projects that help to conserve Nairobi National Park. 

Besides the work he does for WOW Safaris he is a Mechanical Engineer by profession.