Meet team – Aksel Stevens

Aksel Stevens

Aksel was born and raised in the Netherlands and nowadays lives and works in the beautiful city of Utrecht.

During his extensive travels through Southern and Eastern Africa since 1997, Aksel has fallen in love with our people, wildlife and birds.

When he recently lived in Nairobi, he regularly planned safaris for his family and friends, and their friends, and their friends, and so forth. With all that experience, we’re happy to have him involved in our company to help you with that!

During his stay in Kenya, he has visited many different safari destinations in Kenya but if you ask him what his favorite park is, he will immediately say Nairobi National Park! According to Aksel this park is unique in the world. Nowhere else can you find such a vast expanse of grassland and wide variety of wildlife and birds so close to a metropolis. The park is home to Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Buffalo’s, Zebra, Giraffe etc. and over 450 species of birds. So, if you come to Kenya this is a must visit!

Besides the work he does for WOW Safaris, Aksel is the father of two young children, teaches at a school for mentally challenged teenagers, loves photography (especially wildlife), and is a complete vinyl- and Go Ahead Eagles (a Dutch football club) fanatic.