About Us


Our Story

WOW Safaris was brought together by friends passionate about wildlife, safaris, people and photography. With 100,000+ followers across our social media accounts, the WOW Safari's award winning team are renowned across Kenya and India for wildlife and game reserve knowledge and photographic prowess. Following repeated requests to act as safari guides and organise trips for the team's personal and professional network, the demand naturally led to the birth of the WOW Safari's brand. Our brand communicates our story. We created a logo whose icon was derived from a photograph taken by WOW Safaris’ founder Paras Chandaria. It features the leopard named ‘Bahati’, made famous by the BBC's Big Cat Diary. Bahati’s name in Swahili means ‘luck’ or ‘fortune’. In many ways this reflects the safari experience as well as the art of photography and the uncertainty of what will be discovered. A chance encounter; being at the right place, at the right time; moments that make you go, “Wow”. These qualities are core to our identity and the commitment our customers can expect.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with a WOW experience through our safaris, the wildlife they discover, the people they meet and our photographic expertise. Understanding who we are, what we do and who we work with are central to understanding how we act and why we act the way we do. The four building blocks of WOW Safaris are fundamental to our brand:

  • To enhance Wildlife tourism - for customers and our ecosystems.
  • A commitment to the WOW Safaris team
  • Developing our bespoke photography
  • Ensuring a dynamic and progressive mindset in society

Trust us with your Safari

WOW Safaris is a provider of guided, handcrafted safaris and tours managed by an international team passionate about our guests, wildlife and photography. We combine intimate knowledge of unique safari locations alongside expertise in world famous wildlife reserves, such as the Nairobi National Park and the Masai Mara. By combining this with our renowned photographic experience, customers from around the world trust us to help them discover those WOW safari moments. Below you will find a highlight of products and services available from WOW Safaris.


Handcrafted Safari

This is where you define what your WOW Safari will be. We tailor everything from food requirements, specific, rare game reserves, beach villas, guides with defined language skills, air and road and sea travel. This service allows us to help you design your dream safari.

Group Safari

A group safari is a a great opportunity to meet new people and share in an unforgettable life experience. Different clients who may not know each other are booked onto a safari to travel at the same time. WOW organises your entire stay and logistical needs

Premium safari

For the ultimate photographic safari experience, reserve our renowned guides and professional photographers (such as Paras Chandaria and Suhaib Alvi). They will host and guide you throughout your stay.


Increasingly people want to take control of the steering wheel. You may have your own vehicle or plan to rent on arrival. Whilst we do recommend our KPSGA qualified guides for the immersive WOW Safaris' experience, our network and rates for lodges, camps and villas provide compelling opportunities for non-package bookings.

Photo Safari

Depending on your personal photographic skill levels, a photographic safari is crafted to meet your specific wish list and to learn and develop. You may be passionate about a particular species or perhaps are drawn to a certain geographic environment (desert, mountain, forest or creek). Photo safaris can comprise specially modified vehicles, qualified guides or unique accommodation (lodges with photographic hides for example).